Update(1.6.0): Support for Feedly Sync Service

Another big update.  Finally, RssBook supports for Feedly.rb-feedly

  • Add new account type, Feedly. If you ever use Google Reader, Feedly is nearly same as it. Manage subscriptions/labels at Feedly. View at RssBook with extreme archive/offline support. You can get a free Feedly account at here. Feedly app is also available on Apple App Store.
  • Sync settings are refined. ‘Article saving count at first sync’ option are renewed as ‘Min/Small/Quarter/Half/Full’. Default value is changed to Quarter. ‘Max Article Count per Feed'(renamed from Article Saving Count) get more options at lower counts. ‘Image Saving per Feed’s default value has changed to 20 (from 50). You can find more detailed explain at the footer text of each select list.
  • New Compact article cell size with text only option.
  • New Color theme – Dark Gray, Gray, Alice Blue. Especially, ‘Dark Gray’ is really great, it’s going to be second default color.
  • Export to OPML file at Manage Feeds toolbar bar menu when standalone account type.
  • Several bugs fixed- Occasional Facebook login crash fixed. Article view stabilized.

Notice: Feedly Coming~

This may be the most anticipated news.

Feedly is the next sync service provider for RssBook after Google Reader retirement. Feedly is well-known as the best replacement candidate for Google Reader API service. Their service is reliable and powerful, even comparable to Google Reader API. They opened API service to public about a month ago. And today we has finally complete integration works with Feedly service and summitted new version(1.6.0) to Apple App Store. Just wait about a week~

Update(1.5.0): Support for iOS7

Finally, RssBook get ready for iOS7.

RssBook Logo
RssBook Logo
  • Look and Feel updated. And our new Logo.
  • iPhone UI has several changes. It adopts ‘Left Edge Swipe’ of iOS7, auto hide/show top/bottom bar.
  • Article view loads faster.
  • Subscription info updated. Prompt ‘sync now’ for newly added feeds.
  • Image url validation updated. Image will be saved more.
  • (free version only) Ad module modified. Move ad to bottom in iPhone, Reduce the frequency of full screen ad.
  • Drop support  for iOS5. From this version, we will support iOS6 or later.

Announce: Our New App ‘FastFeed’

I’d like to introduce our second major product, ‘FastFeed’.

capture0We always try hard to develop top quality app. Finally, here comes the next. This app started from very simple idea. How about applying multi-tab of web browser to mobile app? Does it sound plausible?

As the project progresses, we get more confidence. And the final outcome is far better than any initial expectations. It brings the power of multi-tap into mobile app with simple and intuitive UI.

FastFeed is generalized feed app. It can be applicable to any feed service. But, we think, Tumblr is ideally suited. Accordingly, ‘FastFeed for Tumblr’ is our first choice of multi-tab based feed app series.

If you have a Tumblr account or just like to taste our new dish, try it here.

More info: http://fastfeed.dataconcerto.com/
App Store: http://appstore.com/fastfeedfortumblr

Best Regards,

PS: About the next release schedule of RssBook.
I think, ‘Update for iOS7’ will come next month, and then ‘Adding new sync service’ will follow.