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Update(1.3.6): OAuth Applied.

In this version, we changed Google Reader login method to OAuth. (We admin it should have done earlier.) RssBook does not save user password any more. Users are redirected to Google sign-in and requested to permit RssBook. Previously saved passwords will be deleted, so users prompted to re-sign in when sync. And multiple Google account support feature is also upgraded and fully integrated with OAuth.


  • Feed fetches are more stabilized. If fail to read feed (in rare case, Google Reader return error or invalid format), it just skip that feed only. (Previously fail all sync).
  • Facebook framework updated to fix some sign-in bug. It may require re-signing in to Facebook if not display user name correctly in setting->social menu.

See you~~


Update(1.3.5): Color Theme Arrived.

New updated 1.3.5 version has released.

Long anticipated ‘Color Theme’ feature has arrived.  Including ‘Night mode’, there are 11 color themes available. In addition, a lot of new fonts are supported,  15 fonts altogether.  These features are accessible at font menu in article view or display setting menu. Personally i like ‘Slate Gray’ and ‘Ivory’ color theme. And impressed with ‘GillSans’ font.


  • ‘Translate by Google’ menu in article actions popup.
  • Add website data management in setting->maintenance. (only iOS 6.0 later)
  • Image viewer loads images slightly faster.

There will be another important update following in one or two weeks later. In that, we change log-in mechanism to OAuth 2.0. No more saving password.

Enjoy RssBook~

Cancellation: Free version is back. Now on sale.

After the decision of free version removal, my friend has advice me to reconsider. He said that existence of free version is more helpful to promote RssBook and make it easier to find adequate advertising program. He’s right and i’m wrong. I decided to accept my friend’s opinion.

Free version will come back on Apple App Store soon. I’m really sorry for the confusion.

Announcement: Free version is not for sale any more.

As of today, December 7, 2012,  I’m sorry to announce that ad supported Free version of RssBook(named ‘RssBook Free’) will be stopped from sale. It will be removed from Apple App Store soon.

After running free app service about 6 month, i could not found adequate solution to offline ad supporting program. It’s because our app is not so popular and too small volume for ad program.

This announcement means that Ad support Free version will be closed permanently for RssBook. RssBook will be concentrated on Paid version only.

Previous Free version users are no problem for using existing version. I will not place any obstacles on using free version.  But 1) can not updated to newer version  2) can not re-download free version when deleted.

One more thing. As a compensation for closing free version, promotion event will come. 40% discount just for one week. Price will drop to $2.99 until Dec 16, 2012 . (In fact, i have never discount before.)

Next RssBook update will come in one or two month later with new color themes.