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  1. Some questions.

    Can I set individual date sort order by feed/folder. For example, can I have my tech news folder set to latest first, but my web comics folder set to oldest first? Native Google Reader supports this, but very few ipad rss readers do.

    Does it support emailing articles from the app.

    Does it support sending article to a read it later service, like Pocket.

    1. Sorting from oldest first is not currently supported.
      Instead of that, have a try on ‘grouping by month’ and ‘day’. It can be somewhat helpful to you.

      ‘Emailing a article’ is supported. It is in the action menu of article view toolbar.

      ‘Sending article to read it later’ is not currently supported. But it will be added in the near future.

  2. Hi:

    I really like RSSBook but it crashes frequently on refresh, at least 5-6 times usually until it gets to 4/6 on the status dial, then it goes through to the end. I have one Google reader account with about 20 feeds in it. I’m assuming the crashes are caused by feed items with spurious characters etc, but can’t you flag them so it doesn’t crash?!

    1. Hi, Anthony.

      We have not experienced such a problem so far. So, we can’t resolve it without details.
      If you are suspicious about feed items, please let us know your feeds list.

      1)you can feedback us anytime by email. Our email is rssbook@dataconcerto.com .
      2)If you don’t know how to easily list up your feeds list, Go to Google Reader => Reader Settings => Import/Export tab.
      There is ‘Your subscriptions OPML download’ link. The downloaded file is just a xml file. It is editable file by any text editor. If you have some private issue in list, omit it and send us reminders. With this feeds list, we can try to repeat error and examine the problem.
      3)It will be more helpful if you inform us more detail of your app status. Easy method is to send us ‘Sync history’ screen capture. It located at setting menu -> Last Sync Status -> Sync History. Additionally your iOS version.

  3. I love RSSbook. It is wonderful and working great on my iPhone. There is one thing that I would like to see improvement. Do you have any plan to make advanced search for the articles? I see it now only supports basic AND search, so any space separated keywords are AND’ed. I would like to see OR search and phrase search or even REGEX search. I hope you would consider this and make it to your to-do list and be a future features. Thanks

    1. Hi, Peter.
      Thank you for your suggestion. We will consider it positively. We could incorperate ‘OR search and phrase search’ relatively easily. But It is hardly possible to support ‘REGEX search’. When this feature is available, we will let you know by email.

      1. That is great. You are wonderful. Do you think if it is possible to make the searched result as home folder? meaning every time I fire up RSSbook it will search all the articles that I need and show up in a single home folder. Cheers.

      2. Sorry, i had missed this comment out.(wordpress didn’t alarm to me…) Your suggestion is excellent. We had similar idea but it was in a low priority. Adding searchword folders under home menu tree will be placed on next to-do-list.(but i’m afraid it will not come so quickly because of another major work related to Google Reader Closing).

  4. Hi JinKook Park,
    Hope you are doing well. Google announced to close “Google Reader” on July 1, 2013. The service is no longer available after that day. Do you have any plan you have your app working independent to Google Reader? I want to transfer all my RSS feeds to your app.
    Best regards,

    1. (I already replied to Peter via facebook. This is a copy for other people) Definitely YES. We just started to plan.

  5. As I’m sure you have read, Google Reader is closing. I came to ask the same that Peter has, which is, what is the future of RssBook without Reader?

    In looking around for alternatives today, there have been a few that might work with RssBook, once you have modified the app.

    The Old Reader is a system that was built around the old Google Reader before they changed it up. They are planning on an API so that other readers can access the system but it isn’t available yet. http://theoldreader.com/

    Feedly is looking to take over the Reader crowd and is quite a bit further along than Old Reader. Their API (called Normandy) isn’t completely open yet but they are asking for other reader developers to contact them to get access. See Note #2 in their blog post at http://blog.feedly.com/2013/03/14/google-reader/

    I’ve signed up for both to see which one works out with my RSS needs. I really hope that RSSBook integrates with these other providers.

    1. Really impressed with your informative and kind advice.

      In any case, RssBook will continue to work even without Google Reader.
      But we do not decide detailed plan yet. we are now considering every possible strategy. In principle, we want to use API based service such as you suggested. But it will take some time to conclude final decision. If we made some progress or issue, we will notify it on this blog.

    1. Hi, Peter. Thanks for your recommendation. InoReader looks very nice. Currently, it is really hard to find a reliable rss service that offers public api. So, your recommendation is very helpful to us. It may take some time to look inside but we will positively review your recommendation.

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