Monthly Archives: June 2015

Update(2.0.2): Support for Compacting Database

We didn’t forget RssBook. Here is a small but long anticipated feature, ‘Compact database file’. It’s located at Settings->Maintenance.

Generally you don’t need to run this, but it will be useful in case, when unsubscribed a lot of feeds, or have been using this app massively for a long time. Internally, this uses ‘VACUUM’ command of sqlite database, which rebuilds the entire database, deletes blank space and organizes fragmented pages.

Warning: You can not cancelĀ  this action. You must wait patiently until it finishes. If app is terminated while compacting, you will be forced to wait until completion at next app launching. In our test it completes quickly at the devices such as iPhone 6 or iPad Air 2, but older devices than that it can take a lot more time up to several minutes depending on database size.