Update(2.0.0): Support for iPhone 6 / 6 Plus, iOS 8 and Background Sync

This is a major update for iPhone 6 / 6 Plus, iOS 8 and background sync.

  • Background Sync. Auto-Sync has been extended to run anytime. Get synced while you’re sleeping. (See more details at separate guide.)
  • Searched Folder. Searched words come into main sliding navigation.
  • Sliding UI for iPhone. Finally sliding UI is applied to iPhone. It takes full advantage of various screen size of iPhone 6 / 6 Plus.
  • From this version, free version has following limitations: Sync will be limited to max 10 feeds at a time.
  • From this version, we have ended support for iOS 6. To keep up development for RssBook, we decided to support only iOS 7 or later. (iOS 6 user still can use the earlier version(1.7.1) at App Store.)

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