Update(1.6.0): Support for Feedly Sync Service

Another big update.  Finally, RssBook supports for Feedly.rb-feedly

  • Add new account type, Feedly. If you ever use Google Reader, Feedly is nearly same as it. Manage subscriptions/labels at Feedly. View at RssBook with extreme archive/offline support. You can get a free Feedly account at here. Feedly app is also available on Apple App Store.
  • Sync settings are refined. ‘Article saving count at first sync’ option are renewed as ‘Min/Small/Quarter/Half/Full’. Default value is changed to Quarter. ‘Max Article Count per Feed'(renamed from Article Saving Count) get more options at lower counts. ‘Image Saving per Feed’s default value has changed to 20 (from 50). You can find more detailed explain at the footer text of each select list.
  • New Compact article cell size with text only option.
  • New Color theme – Dark Gray, Gray, Alice Blue. Especially, ‘Dark Gray’ is really great, it’s going to be second default color.
  • Export to OPML file at Manage Feeds toolbar bar menu when standalone account type.
  • Several bugs fixed- Occasional Facebook login crash fixed. Article view stabilized.

2 thoughts on “Update(1.6.0): Support for Feedly Sync Service

  1. Excellent reader I’ve ever experienced. Is it available for android also. I’m searching for an app like this in android. Thanks and Regards,

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