Notice: Be cafeful! Do not sync with Google Reader.

A lttle ahead of now, Google Reader API finally ended.

But be cafeful. If you sync with Google Reader from now on, RssBook app assume that user has zero feed and purge all the exising articles and feeds.  If you still have Google Reader account type, you must convert it to standalone type immediately.


2 thoughts on “Notice: Be cafeful! Do not sync with Google Reader.

  1. Hi Dear
    I just now got your warning post. but it’s too late, I lost all my saved items. Anyway at least I am getting feeds but the feed counts are very less. Is it possible to increase the feed counts of a feed. I tries but total feeds I got is around 200 only out of some 10000.

    Thanks a lot for a wonderful app.

    S. Palanivel Raja.

    1. Hi.

      I’m so sorry for your data loss. Regrettably. there is no way to restore it.

      Currently, we don’t have a method for increase counts of feed fetch. For this, we are trying to find reliable and public Feed Service Provider, but not successful until now. In my thought, it will take more time to add a new feed service provider.

      Best Regards,
      RssBook Support.

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