Notice: Next version will come around June 20, 2013.

RssBook will get ready for Google Reader Closing with this new version.

In this release, we introduce ‘account type’. When adding a new account, user must select account type.

  1. Standalone type: normal rss reader.
  2. Google Reader type: sync with Google Reader.

As you expect, with standalone type, user can manage feeds/labels in local and can import feeds from OPML file. Google Reader account can be convert to standalone account at any time in account setting.

The original plan was ‘Adding two more account type’. Standalone type and one more ‘sync service account type’. Unfortunately, we can not prepare new sync service account type in this version. We had hard time in finding publically availabe and reliable API service until now. But things will get better in the near future.


2 thoughts on “Notice: Next version will come around June 20, 2013.

  1. Hi, Mr Park – I have been waiting for news of new developments on your rss app, and was very pleased to see your latest message :). Your efforts are greatly appreciated by the users of your app, and I very much look forward to downloading and trying out the new version!
    Best wishes and regards, Ken Murphy

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