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Update(1.4.0): RssBook get ready for Google Reader Closing.

This is a major update for Google Reader Closing.

New Account Type Feature.

When adding a new account, user must select account type.

  1. Standalone type: normal rss reader.
  2. Google Reader type: sync with Google Reader.

In standalone type, RssBook download feeds content from individual feed addresses. All the data such as feeds list, read/unread state, starred mark are saved only in local device.

User can convert account from Google Reader type to standalone type at any time. It will be recommended that all user convert account after Google Reader Closing at July 1.

We had a plan for adding more sync service types. But until now, we cannot find an API service that is publicly available and reliable. But things will get better in the near future.

More on Standalone Account.

In Google Reader account type, user does not miss any articles. RssBook download all the articles from the last sync. But in standalone type, things are changed dramatically. Almost every feeds offer only limited number of recent articles. If user sync after a long interval, there will be some omissions between the fetches. User must sync more often if want not to miss any articles.

First sync has the same story. In standalone type, first sync has no different with later sync, just small part of recent articles. (As far as we know, it is very rare that rss support achieved contents via pagination.- Example is ‘Google Official Blog’.)

When adding a new account from Google Reader before July 1, user has two options. The first is adding a standalone account type, importing feeds list from Google Reader. The second is adding Google Reader account type, after completing first sync, converting account type to standalone. If want to store achieved articles, user must select the second method. And if you want to achieve old article or images, you must do it before June 30.

These features are available only on standalone account type.

  • Manage Feeds Menu: Add or remove feeds. Display current labels and last sync status. Located at toolbar of Feeds folder.
  • Manage Labels Menu: Add or remove labels. Display current assigned feeds. Located at toolbar of Labels folder.
  • Feed Status Info: Display basic feed info and the last fetch status/error. Can edit feed title.

Updates included in this version.

  • Add option for ‘Article Saving Count at First Sync’. Default first sync saving count has changed to the half of feed saving count. Previous setting value was ‘maximum’, which is same as feed saving count.
  • Add ‘Edit Sync Order’ in sync setting.
  • Design upgrade to bar and buttons.
  • ‘Search Article’ support ‘Phrase Search'(Enclosing in double quote) and ‘Search Operator'(upper case NEAR, AND, OR, NOT).

Notice: Next version will come around June 20, 2013.

RssBook will get ready for Google Reader Closing with this new version.

In this release, we introduce ‘account type’. When adding a new account, user must select account type.

  1. Standalone type: normal rss reader.
  2. Google Reader type: sync with Google Reader.

As you expect, with standalone type, user can manage feeds/labels in local and can import feeds from OPML file. Google Reader account can be convert to standalone account at any time in account setting.

The original plan was ‘Adding two more account type’. Standalone type and one more ‘sync service account type’. Unfortunately, we can not prepare new sync service account type in this version. We had hard time in finding publically availabe and reliable API service until now. But things will get better in the near future.