Monthly Archives: March 2013

The state of the miserable app When Google Reader goes away.

Yes, I’m shock too, embarrassed to see the full rigor of the Google Business and to feel ephemeral existence as a 3rd party app.

I know RssBook is not popular, but I know RssBook is really cool and precious. Why? It’s because I has made it for me, for my own use. At then, I just needed more complete reader. I’m a programmer, who is aged, far experienced and retired from software company, just want to enjoy coding myself with some broader usefulness.

In fact, RssBook come to existence a lot better quality than I first planned. I have overwork on this project. I made it too good. It is really full featured rss reader, especially with archiving, no other app can compare, even including PC world. No other app has such smoothness with high archiving options.

But RssBook has some tricky part. It exploits the repository attribute of Google Reader. Generally, rss is regarded as an update pulse of article feeds. Ordinary rss feed contains about 20~30 recent articles only. When I met Google Reader first time back in 2005 maybe, I’m really impressed with its archiving ability. There were all the articles! But it is very hard to scroll older ones. No grouping, no filtering. Just searching and stacked with articles like glacial deposits. When I first started to plan RssBook in 2010(long ago~), I want to take advantage of Google Reader’s archiving strength. That made RssBook really hard to code, but my patience was rewarded with high quality output.

Now, mountain-like archiving feature of Google Reader are about to vanish. I don’t know which API service would permit archiving articles generously like Google. Or reduce amount of archiving? Or should I develop our own cloud base repository??

Nothing was decided yet regards the future of RssBook. And archiving is not the only strength that RssBook has. But I just like to share my current feelings. One thing that I can tell is that RssBook will continue to work even without Google Reader in any circumstance.