Monthly Archives: October 2012

Update: 1.3.3 version is ready.

This update contains some important changes.

  • Design updates.
  • Support for iOS 6 Facebook framework. All user must relogin Facebook.
  • Deprecated ‘Google Reader Share’ features are removed(including likes,friends). Previous ‘notes’ and ‘people you follow’ folder(if any) move to feed list and will not update any more.
  • Preserve grouping/filtering status between app launch(Only applied to first children of home/feeds/labels folder).
  • Share by Email attach article content.

Enjoy RssBook~


Update: 1.3.2 version is available

This update includes some design changes.

  • Only unread recent article count is shown in folder cell.
  • Small separator is added to article list.
  • Icon design update is correctly applied. New icon background represents sliding navigation effect.

Next release will be out less than two weeks.
From that version, old and deprecated ‘Google Reader Share’ features will be removed. Previous ‘notes’ and ‘people you follow’ folder will move to feed list and remain only for archiving.
Add support for iOS 6’s Facebook framework.