Update for iPhone 5 and iOS 6

As promised, here comes ‘Support for iPhone 5 and iOS 6’.

Less than a week, there will be a new release(1.3.2) with a small but significant design changes.



2 thoughts on “Update for iPhone 5 and iOS 6

  1. So I reviewed the app in iTunes, and to quote:

    “This is a beautiful RSS reader and arguably produces the best rendering of cached articles since the late – if not always lamented – Printful. It’s incredibly comprehensive and as a result perhaps a little intimidating at first use. For instance, while RssBook syncs seamlessly with Google Reader it’s a bit disconcerting to be confronted with 5000-odd articles when your Google account is always upto date! This results in a fair amount of clutter at times

    There are also some noticeable short-comings. There’s no obvious “mark all as read” button (you need to select “unread only” using the filter icon). Frustratingly the app doesn’t remember filter setting – I’m a bit OCD obessive and filter feeds by Label and then Feeds (so as to mirror my Google settings), but everytime you relaunch, the UI resets to default. Finally, for an app that is so detailed, the inability to drill and pull the linked web page into cache if the RSS feed itself is truncated seems a bit of an omission?

    Still I’ll give this 3/5 for the moment and given as the developer appears to have a list of updates up his sleeve, I’ll similarly update this review…”

    To be fair only Byline really seems to have mastered the seamless caching of webpages behind RSS feeds – it takes a little longer to sync as a result, but at 30 000 ft there generally isn’t a lot of wi-fi around so it’s my #1 choice for offline reading. The biggest issue for me is that the app doesn’t remember filter settings – hopefully the next update will fix this?

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comment.

      1. ‘Mark all as read’ button exists. It will appear when long-pressing the cell in article list. BTW, this feature is applicable on any folder.

      2. Saving filter change will be added to our next to-do list(^-^).

      3. First sync may take some times but daily sync will not. Daily sync updates only new and very recent articles. The general guideline will be helpful.

      4. Caching of webpages is omitted as you pointed. We think, webpage caching is out of RssBook’s valid coverage. Instead, we will add support for offline page reading service in the near future.

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