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Updated screenshot for version 1.2.4.


Home folder
Feeds folder
Article list and Filtering
Article view
Article view in full size mode
Article footer
Sync setting


Home folder
Article list
Article filtering
Article view
Sync setting

Update: Improved UI for iPad

New version 1.2.4 is ready on AppStore.

This version has major ui update for iPad.

  • (iPad)Article full-size view mode added. By double tapping on article content or by fullview button, switch between full view and normal view. Supported on iOS 5.0 or later.
  • (iPad)New navigation bar display folder path. Tapping on folder title will pop to that folder directly.
  • (iPad)Rotation support removed for iOS 4.3 or earlier.
  • Grouping by month and by day added.
  • Last sync status menu added.