Monthly Archives: May 2012

New version(1.2.1) is available

As promised, new 1.2.1 version is ready on app store.

-Facebook login bug fixed: from this version, facebook login use SSO(single sign on) API.  When login, installed facebook app or safari will pop up.  All user must re-login. Facebook login located at setting->social->facebook.

-Resync option in feed sync setting (changes): when set, image saving count change will be applied too.

-Resync all starred articles (added): when set in sync setting, all the starred article will be re-downloaded. RssBook’s starred article is slightly different from Google Reader. It saves only subscribed feed’s article and displayed date is article’s published date(not date that made change to starred).  BTW, starred article is always excluded from purging if not unsubscribed.

-Minor bug fixed.


Major Update: iPad support arrived.

At last, universial app is out there.

New version(1.2.0) has a lot of internal changes.

1)iPad support(with retina display): new SplitView interface.

2)Article view improvements: page load faster, article footer section redesigned.

3)many other things: folder counting simplified and became customizable. article summary is shown in list view.

*It is strongly recommended iOS 5.1 or later for iPad. Because SplitView is much better after that version.