First Sync Guide

(This guide will be shown when app run for the first time.)

1. Start/Stop Sync is easy.

Sync button is at the top right corner in navigation bar. It is toggle button. While syncing, tapping the sync button will stop sync.

2. Auto sync smart enough.

Auto sync has some good features like ‘minimum battery level to start’, ‘stopping battery level’, ‘starting network connection type’. So, enabling auto sync will greatly ease your syncing. Auto sync is enabled at default.

Syncing by tapping sync button is different. It is ‘Normal Sync’ and not affected by auto sync battery/network settings.

3. The first full sync need Battery charging, Wi-Fi connected.

RssBook is saving a lot of the articles in local mobile device. This happen in first time sync. If you have a large set of feeds, syncing will take a considerable time, traffic, disk space and battery.

So, if you think, now is not the best time for the (time consuming) first sync, then stop sync. Or sync for a couple of minutes, look around RssBook’s features, then stop and restart sync late at night(maybe better to leave it sync alone until morning).

Once the first sync completes, next sync will not take so much time and traffic. It just check new and recent articles only.

Pressing home button while syncing has no problem. When come back, it resume next. And stopping sync can takes a couple of seconds due to background jobs.

4. Sync setting will prompt after first sync started.

Setting button is at top right corner next to sync button(in iPhone, at the bottom right corner in toolbar).

For convenience, when RssBook receives first valid subscription list, it will promp sync setting detail. You can change sync setting for account and, if necessary, change sync setting per feed. Default settings may be acceptable for most case. After closing setting menu, sync will resume.

5. Finally

Now, It’s time for first sync. After closing this dialog, if remained battery is greater than 70% and connected Wi-Fi(default setting), auto sync will start.

*You can read this guide  at the help menu of setting in RssBook app.


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