Finally done.

Yesterday, i upload first official version of RssBook to Apple App Store. It has been 2 years and a half since i started project, at least one years of full time development.

Brief description is here:

RssBook is a rss reader based on google reader. It has extraordinary features.

1)Save all the articles and local browsing.
-At first sync, save all the article per feed. At next, sync only recent articles.
-Unlimited store. Comfortable use over 100,000 articles.
-Local browsing blog articles in a greatly fast manner whether online or offline.
-Finer control for sync setting.

2)Rich grouping and filtering.
-Grouped by feed, label, tag, author,date, starred….
-Filtered by unread, like count, recent days….
-Every folder can be re-grouped or filtered.
-Can filtered by facebook like count.

3)Socially binded.
-When sync, facebook count also updated. displayed in article list.
-When reading article, it display socialbar for google+, twitter and facebook.
-Support social share. support google reader share(deprecated).
-Will be enhanced even more in next version(^-^).

4)And more
-’Local browsing’ feature: if a link is allready stored in local as a blog entry, it load locally in a blink.
-Image saving.
-Article thumbnail generation.
-Extendable long press menu on webView like wikipedia, google search or user define.
-Add a folder to home folder with custom grouping or fitering.


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